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I'm Nelleke Verhoeff, an artist / illustrator based in Rotterdam in Holland. I started my professional career as a theater-performer. Together with my partner we travelled through the Netherlands and parts of Europe. We made physical and visual theater, using circus techniques and masks. We played for adults and children in theaters, on the street and in schools.


In the meantime I discovered my love for drawing, painting and digital art. I did an intensive painting training at the Vrije Academie Rotterdam. In 2007 we changed direction and started Yepr, a company, which made websites and applications. Design was my part. It was then I found out what my real passion is: making art and illustrations.


I'm mostly inspired by people, I love to watch their attitudes and facial expressions. I like to tell little stories with my work. In 2011 I started a face a day project. I made a different face for 365 days and I still love the subject very much! My work has been described as whymsical, colorful and poetic.

Red Cheeks Factory

Besides Yepr, I started my own company: Red Cheeks Factory. (Red cheeks stand for enthusiasm, but also for shyness and excitement. I often have red cheeks while I’m working and also my characters have).

You can buy Red Cheeks Factory giclee  prints, mini posters and postcards of my work in my Red Cheeks Factory shop
and in my Etsy shop

And in several shops in the Netherlands and in Belgium.

Books and publications:

'Knip Knap Knuis' Theater leesboek met sprookjes - tekst van Liesbeth Mende -Juli 2018 - De Inktvis

'Baas van iets groots' Eerste prentenboek - Nelleke Verhoeff - Februari 2018 - De Eenhoorn

'Er is iets aan de kip met je hand'  poëzie bundel voor kinderen met Geert De Kockere - Sept 2017 - De Eenhoorn

'Allemaal theater!' Theaterleesboek met teksten van Lizzy Koppe - van Pelt - juli 2017 - De inktvis

'De bel gaat' Bundel met gedichten van Geert De Kockere in en om school - Juni 2017- Pigmalion

'Voor altijd Jong' Bundel met gedichten van Geert De Kockere rond het thema afscheid en sterven - April 2017- Pigmalion

'We liefden nog lang en gelukkig'  love poetry book in cooperation with Geert De Kockere -  Septr 2016 - De Eenhoorn

'Uitrafelen' Bundel met gedichten van Geert De Kockere rond het thema dementie - Augustus 2016 - Pigmalion

'Vederlicht' haiku book (part of a trilogy) with Geert De Kockere - published June 2016 - Pigmalion

'Tussen oevers van fluitenkruid' haiku book (part of a trilogy) with Geert De Kockere - published June 2016 - Pigmalion

'Stil verwateren'  haiku book (part of a trilogy) with Geert De Kockere - published March 2015 - Pigmalion

Hoedendag! Poems by Geert De Kockere - published Oktober 2015 - Pigmalion

Kunst Agenda - Art Diary 2013 

Illustrati Magazine (special edition) released on the Bologna Children Book Fair 2012

The Morran Book Project by Camilla Engman - 2011

Kunst Agenda - Art Diary 2007


Exhibitions and awards:

'Concerto' - Finalist Silent Book Contest 2018 - Exhibition Bologma Children's Bookfair - March 2018

Ilustrarte 2018 - shortlist

'Picture This' 2017 - Winner of the Worldwide Picturebook Illustration Competition - travelling exhibition

Ilustrarte 2016 - Big International Illustration exhibition - Electricity Museum - Lissabon - Portugal - 2016

'Terugkijken' - Galerie Oker - Amsterdam - 2015

'This is not Delft' - Galerie XS - Delft - Summer 2015

'Illustrations' - Galerie XS - Delft - 2015

'Like' - Galerie Oker - Amsterdam - 2014

Filter - Amsterdam - 2014

Raamexpositie Aan De Kade - Rotterdam -2014

Gerakel en Gedruk, Pand Paulus - Schiedam - 2013

'Aan Tafel' - Galerie Oker - Amsterdam - 2013

Marché du Nord - Rotterdam - 2013

Route du Nord - Rotterdam - 2013

Smart - Light Grey Art Lab, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA - 2013

Boekhandel Kniphorst - Wageningen - 2012

KunstSchouw Westerschouwen - Zeeland - 2006

Galerie de Kwartel Kijkduin - 2006

Theater Restaurant De Lawei - Drachten - 2006

Groene Passage Galerie - Rotterdam - 2006

Van Ostadetheater - Amsterdam - 2005

Beelden in de Herfst - Delfgauw - 2005

Theater Pierrot - Den Haag - 2005

Galerie de Kwartel - Kijkduin - 2004

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